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Oregon Aerial Solutions is Part 107 Compliant and holds a Section 333 Exemption, Certificate of Authorization (COA) for commercial UAS Day/Night operation in the United States. We are always up to date on the latest FAA regulations.


Welcome to Oregon Aerial Solutions, your trusted partner for innovative aerial solutions.

Our Commitment: Oregon Aerial Solutions is dedicated to excellence, holding Part 107 Compliance and a Section 333 Exemption, along with a Certificate of Authorization (COA) for commercial UAS Day/Night operations in the United States. Staying abreast of the latest FAA regulations is our commitment to safety and professionalism.

Local Expertise: As a locally-based drone company, we specialize in using highly modified, custom UAS (Drones) for photography and videography. Boasting over 18 years in UAV and RC flying and 30 years in civilian airplanes, our team brings unparalleled skills, experience, and licenses to every project.

Versatile Services: Whether you need real estate photography, visual/thermal building and roof inspections, precision agriculture crop inspections, or a range of other services, Oregon Aerial Solutions has you covered. Our expertise extends to solar, wind, and oil inspections, insurance claim investigations, accident scene recording, search and rescue, disaster management, and more.

Day and Night Operations, Rain or Shine: Rest assured, we are approved and certified for Day and Night operations, ensuring your project's success, no matter the weather.

At Oregon Aerial Solutions, we turn visions into reality from the skies. Contact us today at 503-931-1374 or info@oregonaerialsolutions.com for unmatched aerial services.